Well, well, well!!

Little Timmy's worst nightmare

Little Timmy’s worst nightmare

Little did we know that beneath the apple tree branches we climbed last fall was Little Timmy’s worst nightmare.

Over the years, the tall grass did a good job of hiding it. Luckily, when the snow melted, Cathy took a notion to pull back some conspicuously placed cedar rails. There it was…

A dangerously deep-dug handmade well with strategically stacked stones. What a stunning legacy of farm life, hard work and craftsmanship. It was amazing to see, nerve wreaking to keep. Not wanting to risk our future to hold onto the past, we decided to say “farewell well.” The well is now well covered.

I’m glad we had this pause between Day 17 and Day 18 giving a chance to revisit Day 1 and Blog about this fascinating find on Pye Acres.

Don’t worry. Construction blogging continues on June 26 because the sub-floor sheathing was rescheduled yesterday at the last minute. However, yesterday saw plenty of construction activity involving cell phones and calculators vs. hammers and nails. All essential tools of the trade!

Pye acres didn’t get construction attention on Monday but its Blog sure did. Thanks to Rachel Chatten for assisting with our Blog’s new make-over.

Bert would be proud.


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