Back Country lanes


Back country lanes

lead to nature’s acclaim

when lilacs deliver their show

They bloom in May and colour-up our day,

As the gardens start to grow.

Lilacs’ deep purple and soft violet tones

Line the lane that leads us to home…

To Pye Acres, and all the pastimes we dabble-in

The outdoor life we adore, started half a century or more

Thanks to our dear neighbour, Madeline.

Apple trees are in sight with their petals of white

Before they reveal the fruits of their yield.

In the summer ahead, apples turn red

And serve deer hunting adventures afield.

That pre-Confederation Barn

Braved years of weathers’ harm

But stands stoically in a late May fog.

It’s historical charm, from early days of farm is accented in apple blooms, lilacs and log.

Back country roads

Deliver life’s purest loads

of stories that come from our land.

Spring lilacs that bloom are gone too soon

Like the precious time we have in our hands.

2 comments on “Back Country lanes

  1. Kim Kasperski says:

    This is AWESOME Rob!!! You are very talented, and tell your sweet wife, yes, it did bring a tear to my eye!!!

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