When People Care


“When people care” is the title of this Blog post because Cathy and I want to recognize some special people who have put total care into the making of our dream home. Let’s start with the guy who inspired this “caring people” theme.

“It makes a difference when people care,” said our general contractor, Eddy Prins, as (on Day 58 or so) he quietly yet proudly commented on the incredible Prinston Homes’ team of trades people. Eddy and his brother, Bob, are serious about quality, and there is serious truth in their observation that a caring attitude is a conduit to quality work.

Cathy and I absolutely love our new home — and that has everything to do with the flawless and enthusiastic experience that went into its construction. Signing a building agreement doesn’t make “caring” a contractual given. We are grateful for Prinston Homes for over-delivering on their amazing reputation of pride and quality. Thank you Matt, Scott, Steve, Mary Jane, Chad, Joe, Andy, Larry, Doug, Barrie, and a long list of other Prinston Homes colleagues, who cared just as much about the Pye family as Bob and Eddy Prins.

In addition to a great contractor, dream home plans require a great banker. Discovering Kawartha Credit Union was one of the best things I ever did when I moved to this community almost 15 years ago. Cathy and I wouldn’t have our dream land, or our dream home, if it wasn’t for the “lets make it happen” determination and the personalized “above and beyond” member service that we have received from Kawartha Credit Union’s Steve Self, Alan MacKay and Terri Maher. Talk about people who care! We can’t thank them enough for standing up for our family.

Speaking of family, let me Blog about a special part of ours. Her name is Katie Young and she epitomizes Eddy’s philosophy about people who care. Not only did Katie put her roof over our heads during our new home construction, she put her heart and soul into our family ever since Charlie and Katie’s daughter made our acquaintances in the day-care parking lot. Way to go Charlie! We couldn’t imagine life without Katie in it. Thanks for taking us in, Katie.

Finally, a BIG THANKS to everyone who has cared enough to follow our house-raising adventure via this Blog. We appreciate all of your “likes” and encouraging comments along the way. Our dream home is complete but that doesn’t suggest that our Pye Acres Blog has reached its final chapter. On the contrary, the Pye Acres Adventure is only getting started! Please keep following our Blog.

Here is a brief tour of our Prinston Home, including a photo of our first Thanksgiving dinner at our new kitchen table. Yes, we certainly have plenty to be thankful for.


Robert, Cathy, Charlie & Jack


Here’s the view from my tree stand. It feels great walking out the back door with my bow and arrows.

2 comments on “When People Care

  1. Jill says:

    Can you tell us the color of the siding and the shakes you chose and which brand? They colors are great and I am trying to choose some for my older home. Thanks.

    • pyeacres says:

      Hi Jill, the siding is a MITTEN product. I can’t recall the exact name but you’re welcome to contact my contractor… he said he’ll be glad to pass along information.

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