Chill of an Early Fall


When morning coffee time calls for a sweatshirt, it’s time to welcome the chill of an early fall. As far as this Blogger is concerned, that first refreshing moment of seasons change really heats up the outdoors adrenalin. The recent clamour of Canada geese is the sound track for my hunting season anticipation.

Summer days are shorter and my mood to crank a bait caster is overshadowed by an urge to shoulder my shotgun. A walk in the woods feels more rewarding than a paddle through the lily pads. Waterfowl spell V in the sky and a duck blind is calling my name. My deer hunting tag arrives in the mail and suddenly every hardwood on Pye Acres has tree stand potential. These are the little clues that remind me that hunting is not only on my brain, it’s in my heart. Hunting is my identity. It’s my passion.

That passion is embraced by Cathy and the boys, and shared with my Dad and my best friend, Jane. But perhaps no one lives out that passion more energetically than our English Setters. This hunting season, every inch of upland game habitat will be pointed out by Enzo, our gun dog in training. He’s being trained by the best…. Molly’s 12-year daughter, Bella, and our 6 and 4 year old boys. Enzo is 9-months-old. He doesn’t even know what a partridge is yet, but he’s ready to hunt them.