The life of Enzo

A year of reflection helps heal the hurt of a sudden goodbye.

A year of four seasons to return to the places and occasions that built Pye family bonds around the love of a devoted young dog. A year to retrace our heart strings from our smiles when we brought him home to our tears when we set him free.

A year ago today, Enzo was released from the pain and tumors that stole his young life.

His short life was an accomplished life. Born to win the laughter and affection of two special boys, and the unleashed freedom to run and hunt the land of great English Setters before him. He was a classic dog with pride and compassion that could be read in a glimpse of his wisdom filled eyes.

A year of remembering Enzo doesn’t stop here. He is the spirit of family time on Pye Acres and the iconic example of life lived for the precious moments we have to share.

We love you Enzo.