Prinston Homes

Meet the Prinston Homes Crew.


Prinston Homes has been building custom homes within the Peterborough area for 18 years. With over 160 homes built, our reputation has grown to be second to none. This is truly a family business with Eddy Prins, designer& customer contact, Bob Prins, trades coordinator, quality management, and after sales service and Sonja Prins as office manager.

We have been building  approximately 15 to 20 homes per year, ensuring every home gets the attention it needs. You can call Eddy any time during the week for any questions you might have about a new home. We are also available to meet to discuss design options and requirements you might need. Although we have some well thought out popular home plans, we will spend time with you addressing your personal needs and desires.

Remember we are custom home builders that also build subdivision homes.  We are unique in this respect.

With so many builders promoting their quality and value, how do you choose? Well it may be old fashioned, but word of mouth still says so much. It’s not what a builder says they are going to do but what they have done to date is what matters. Please take a moment to read our testimonials.

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