A Timberdoodle comes home

“No one would rather hunt woodcock in October than I, but since learning of the sky dance I find myself calling one or two birds enough. I must be sure that, come April, there be no dearth of dancers in the sunset sky.” — Aldo Leopold.


This beautifully hand-carved American woodcock is the work of our special friend Mike Reader. It’s been a year since the impeccable likeness of this spirited upland game bird came from Mike’s carving studio and was delivered to our home.  As woodcock return from migration, and at dusk the fields of Pye Acres become a stage for their sky dance, I wanted to share Mike’s carving talent as well as Aldo’s words of conservation wisdom.

Thank you again, Mike. You always promised the Pye Family one of your works of art. We absolutely love this carving.