Together again


May 5 is a special day. It is the day when, 16-years ago, a litter of English Setters were born beside our bed.  First, Bert. Second, Bella. Although unforeseeable on that proud whelping day, Molly’s first two arrivals had immediately found their permanent home.

Bert deserved our title of pick of the litter. What an intelligent boy. Bert was a true standout in class, character and unmatched hunting skills. Bert was big, brown and handsome.

Bella deserved our title of Houdini. In the weeks of meeting families interested in eight available puppies, Bella pulled some great escapes and disappearing acts. Bella couldn’t be picked if Bella couldn’t be found. We suspect Bella’s Houdini stunts were in response to her astute premonition. She was already with her family.

On the homestretch of the 2003 OFAH Get Outdoors Summer Leadership Camps (a program that Cathy and I proudly created) we decided that we were going to keep Bella, Molly’s last unsold puppy.20190506_154750

Cathy and I embraced life as a three-dog family but our family wasn’t complete without our boys Charlie and Jackson. The boys’ childhood was shaped by wrapping their arms and hearts around Molly, Bert and Bella.

May 5, 2003 changed our lives forever. Molly, Bert and Bella gave us years of great memories. Together, these three family members were there as we pursued dreams for the future: an engagement ring, a wedding on a rock, a deed to 138 acres, two healthy and happy boys and a brand new home.

The Pye Acres blog is where we tell the Pye family story, and every chapter captures the love of our English Setters. Honoured here first was Bert, then Molly, and then Enzo. Today we honour Bella.

We said goodbye to Bella on April 19. She showed the world how living 16-years of the best outdoors and family life is really done. She hunted last fall with the passion of a pup, and she loved our family everyday with her heart of gold.  Bella’s early instincts were right. She was born to stay with the family that loved her from the very start.

Molly, Bert and Bella… together again.



We love you, Bella.



The Life of Molly

Picture Molly

Anyone who truly knows me knows Molly.  She’s more than a great dog, she’s my identity.  Inseparable throughout 15 monumental years, Molly’s amazing life story is also a Pye family biography.

‘Neath the stars of an old farmhouse/bachelor pad, Molly joined me on the front porch as I quietly confided to my dog that I was starting to fall in love with that girl we met on the river. Molly and I fished and camped together on dozens of rivers and lakes. During grouse season, Molly took me to incredible hunting grounds where, years later, we would actually own the nearby acreage. Molly travelled with me on business trips and hung out with kids at the very first OFAH Get Outdoors Summer Camp. She delivered nine beautiful puppies right next to my bed. Later, Molly proudly welcomed home two more babies and she was there to make sure our boys made it safely to a brand new home. Indeed, from the moment Cathy and I met along the Indian River, to the day we moved our family into our dream home on Pye Acres, Molly was there.

On October 26, we said goodbye to Molly. She lived an incredible life. She now rests beside her son, Bert, who we buried on the day we promised to build a home on the hill that overlooks him and Molly. Keeping watch over them is Bella, Bert’s sister/Molly’s daughter who, at ten years old, makes sure that our local grouse population doesn’t go un-hunted.

A house is not a home without the love of a dog.  I’m proud to announce that our home is about to shine even brighter. A new English Setter puppy is coming this spring! With blood lines connected to Bert and Bella, our new English Setter will be born on January 6 at Kendal Hills Kennels. We can’t wait to welcome a new dog to the Pye Family – a family that was lovingly founded in the Life of Molly.

We love you, Molly.

Molly IMG_00000560_edit

IM002987 Tireddogs

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