Pull!!! A party with a bang.


A Canada Day party calls for fireworks but, at Pye Acres, we prefer 12 gauges. PULL!!! I think we just started a new summer long weekend tradition. The 1st annual Pye Acres Skeet Shoot & BBQ was… wait for it.. a blast. Over 20 new and experienced gunners cracked clays on our back-forty skeet range. When the shooting irons were safely stored away, we cracked beers. What could be more Canadian than shotgun sports, a potluck BBQ and a campfire? Enter in a mix of backyard kite flying, pellet gun plinking, marshmallow melting and bush-buggy riding for the kids, and you’ve got the kind of family fun event that Pye Acres was designed to host. The skeet shooting event is nothing new for our property. Since we bought the land in 2006, dozens of shooters, young and old, have pounded their shoulder with some basic wing shooting practice. We always welcome new shooters. The only thing more exciting than blasting your first flying target is watching a first time skeet shooter dust theirs. It’s an experience that is perhaps underrated, not just in terms of outdoor hobby interests but in terms of building self confidence. It’s particularly rewarding when a new shooter trades in their previous firearms fears for firearms respect and a fascination for this timeless target shooting tradition. Meanwhile, back at the house, everyone is welcome to pull up a lawn chair around our new campfire. Appropriately, it was officially lit during the most memorable Canada Day long weekend ever. Thanks for coming out! Let’s do it all over again next Canada Day.

taylor IMG_00000801

IMG_00000791 pull



Our new backyard feels complete with a great campfire pit. It was officially lit this past weekend.

Our new backyard feels complete with a great campfire pit. It was officially lit this past weekend.

One comment on “Pull!!! A party with a bang.

  1. Candice says:

    Oh boy – before I looked a bit more closely and realized the kids are holding sparklers, I was wondering how the heck you got all of them to hold a flaming marshmellow without freaking out. lol.

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