For Goodness Shakes

In addition to the expert installation of soffits, fascia, eavestroughs and siding, there was a-whole-lotta’-shakin’-goin-on around our new home this past week. The shakes contrast brilliantly with the board and batten siding and they really make those timber accents stand-out. The siding is now making its way around the rest of the house. Inside, Andy and his trim work team returned to finish the rest of the baseboard trim. They also affixed all of the door handles and assembled our stunning new stairway railing. Only 11 more sleeps until we’ll be up and down those stairs with our moving boxes.

Also worth blogging about….

On Saturday night, another dream came true: an up-close and personal performance from Pete Anderson, the California-based guitar legend who produced 20 years of Dwight Yoakam music, etc, etc. Pete is the real deal and I respect his no-nonsense approach to delivering great music. His new album is called Even Things Up. It’s awesome.


2 comments on “For Goodness Shakes

  1. Ashley Favorite says:

    Hi! We love your home! We are in the process of building a new home (we are a local builder — always building for others and now we finally get to build ours!) I am curious what color your siding and trims are — they are stunning. We are trying to pick colors, and this seems like the only one we can agree on.

    • pyeacres says:

      Hi Ashley, thank you for visiting our blog. We are flattered. The siding and shakes are Mitten Products. Not sure if you noticed, but the shakes have a slightly different colour and we really like the bit of contrast. I don’t have the exact colour names but I’m sure someone selling Mitten in your area can pull it together for you. Good luck on your new home.

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