Floored, etc, etc.

In the past 48 hours, our great room got a lot greater. Our bathroom got a lot splashier. And, our entire home got a lot brighter following the hook-up of all our lighting fixtures. The pots, spots, domes, fans, carriages and chandelier cast the perfect light. In just one day, every square foot of our hardwood floor was installed. We are floored. It’s awesome. It’s a perfect match for our country home.

Some days there is just too much to Blog about so lets jump to the highlight reel. Here are Cathy’s top 10 photos of the past two days of construction.




Kitchen and bathroom vanities are ready to come home on Monday. Stay tuned.

One comment on “Floored, etc, etc.

  1. April-Lynn Hill says:

    Looking great. Amazing how much changes there has been on the house. 🙂 Cant wait to see more pictures. Your dream home is coming together nicely. 🙂

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