Take a walk on the tiled side

You know what they say about tile guys… they really know how to make an entrance. 🙂 Apparently, they also know how to make a kitchen, a mudroom and bathrooms, all of which have been getting the trowel treatment since my last blog post. Nosing up to the tile edge soon will be our hardwood floor. We can’t wait. This is an adrenalin pumping phase of our custom home construction. With every incoming material delivery come the personal taste elements that we last saw only as samples in the showrooms of flooring, kitchen and lighting stores. As Cathy said, it really feels like it’s coming together when we start to see that installation of the things we picked out weeks ago.  However, we didn’t do it alone. We are grateful for the caring advice and direction from Mary Jane at Floor Trends as well our GC, Eddy Prins who cared enough to actually go shopping with us. I’m not convinced that there are many contractors who would demonstrate so much enthusiastic involvement about getting it right for a client.  We certainly got it right so far. We really appreciate their help.


Our GC, Eddy Prins and Mary Jane, from Floor Trends, are a major support.

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