Making a house OUR HOME

This Prinston custom home is really starting to feel like our Prinston custom home.  That satisfying feeling of originality has hit us a number of times during this house raising adventure… most notably when the timber accents were lifted up to the gables, and then again this week, as our personally selected fireplace stonework made its great room appearance. The metamorphosis from construction site to family home continues as we approach the one-month countdown to move in. Thanks to Prinston Homes and their colleagues in construction, everything is completely on track. This week, we welcome Andy and his crew of trim work professionals. They have already cased most of the doors and windows. Out back, Matt, Scott and Steve are building an awesome deck.  In other news, our firewood is done! On Wednesday, Cathy and I devoted a kids-free/work-free day to bring in the last loads of winter fuel wood for our new home.



2 comments on “Making a house OUR HOME

  1. Janice says:


  2. Maureen Misner says:

    Wow! You have a great woman there and the house is coming along really quickly. Awesome!!

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