The half monty

Front porch stonework continues so you will have to wait until next week to see a full frontal.  Relax. I am talking about the house. But speaking of well hung, drywall was installed on the ceiling and walls of the garage today. On Day 62, we will keep Blog followers in “front porch suspense” but we will take you inside to see the skeleton structure of our great room’s pièce de résistance, a wolf’s creek fashioned stone fireplace. Here’s to the weekend and to three amazing couples (Matt & Emily, Matt & Jenn, Jaime & Joe) who will tie the knot tomorrow. Wish we could make it to all three “big days.”


One comment on “The half monty

  1. John Henthorne says:

    Wow things are really coming along quickly, looks amazing! Cant wait to see the finished product. Gonna be an amazing home and an amazing piece of land!

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