If a Bear poops in the woods, does anyone hear it?

Timber! It was worth taking a vacation day to conquer a massive maple today. It came half way down in a windstorm last summer and its heavy limbs spring loaded a few balsams around it. It scared the hell out of me to start processing it without the assistance of an experienced chainsaw-slinger. Thanks to our friend Ron, it took no time at all to safely set down a winter’s worth of good burning. Cathy can’t wait to fire up her splitter. Yes, it’s HER splitter.

Meanwhile, back at the house, the Prinston Homes team, brick layers, drywall mudders,  an electrician and heating guys, were hard at work. Even Mary Jane, our interior design consultant/flooring expert from FloorTrends made a visit today to confirm our tile and carpet selections. The front door installation moment that I have been waiting for happened while I was running the chainsaw in the back 40. The front door looks awesome but I refuse to share it with our Blog readers until the front porch stonemasonry is complete. Oh the suspense!!

Here are a few pictures from Day 61, my first full day onsite since Day 1 ground breaking. It was a great day spending time in the woods as well as onsite to see talented trade professionals doing their thing. I can’t wait to share photos of the completed masonry work. Stay tuned.

Lots of bear sign this year like this fresh bear skat.

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