Set in stone

Today we got stoned. No, not that kind of stoned. I’m talking about the kind of stone that is already giving our new home a touch of classic country charm. The ancient skill of stonemasonry stands the test of time and, evidently, it is as much of an art as it is a trade. We are totally impressed with the impeccable brick and stone craftsmanship that is making its way around our home. Inside, more skilled tradespeople are getting the job done on the drywall and a great looking staircase. Grandpa Pye would be very proud.

3 comments on “Set in stone

  1. Lynda Ouellette says:

    Looking wonderful….and can’t believe how big Jack is getting as well. Your house is coming along quite beautifully.

  2. April-Lynn Hill says:

    Rob it is looking beautiful I loving watching how it is all coming together. 🙂

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