Construction — Day 35 to Day 40

It was sad to leave the cottage but exciting to return to Pye Acres. Tonight’s blog is a synopsis of all of the progress made between Day 35 and Day 40 of our new home construction. While the Pye family enjoyed a week preoccupied with fishing and swimming, a team of skilled trades professionals worked hard on our roof construction, chimney installation, basement plumbing, framing, shingling, and most notably, the assembly of stunning timber frame accent pieces. Cathy and I are very pleased with these timber frame touches. I think they really make the home unique and they accurately reflect our country style characters. After spending a sunny Sunday afternoon on an electrical walk-thru with our GC, we’re now on a mission to find the perfect lighting. While my fishing habit gets some rest, it’s time for new home décor shopping!

Wait. Did I just enthusiastically say, “décor shopping”?

Shut up. I know.

3 comments on “Construction — Day 35 to Day 40

  1. It looks great! Ah, the decor shopping! I remember those days so well, fun but also somewhat of a headache. It helps when you and your wife have similar tastes in style, which it sounds like you just might. 🙂

  2. Wow! The vision cmes more and more into life. How wonderful! Enjoy the decor shopping – it might be a “once in a lifetime chance” to have a good excuse to do so! 😉

  3. Kim says:

    I am sooooooooooo impressed!!! It is going to be splendiferous!!

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