Construction — Day 28

“Never pull all the way into a new driveway of an unfinnished home.” — R. Pye

I’m not very proud of it but on Day 1 of Construction I authored a new, self-imposed superstitious belief: never pull all the way into the new driveway of an unfinished home.  For me, this one is right up there with making a wish on the first robin of spring and staying away from the undersides of ladders. I admit that being superstitious is a royal pain in the ass. Those meaningless ideas are totally unfounded and completely unnecessary mental blocks to otherwise clear thinking. But, on the other hand, why risk good fate when it only takes a few seconds to humor ol’ lady folklore. At the end of the day, superstitions make us slow down to think about the important things in life, like the successful construction of a new family home. On Day 28, the newly erected roof line of the double car garage made it tempting to pull my car right up to it. Superstition stopped me. It’s amazing how a few rafters really help make the home take shape. The Prinston Homes team is doing a great job and they should have most of the trusses up before the weekend. Knock on wood.

2 comments on “Construction — Day 28

  1. Yes, in my experience it is helpful to decellerate at times, check-in with yourself as well as your loved ones and centering yourself, again. When we are centred and balanced we are most effective in what we do. And if superstition is what brings you there, keep it up! 😉

    Love to see the progress on your house. It’s becoming more and more beautiful and will give you and your family a happy place to live in.

  2. pyeacres says:

    Thanks Stefanie. My fishing boat also helps me find “center” too. Thanks for the follow and encouragement.

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