A special anniversary

The greatest day of our lives.

The greatest day of our lives.

Six years ago today Cathy and I fished and said “I do” on the Nipigon River.

Only a handful of our Blog readers will know exactly what I mean if I even tried to describe how our choice for a wedding ceremony is naturally spectacular beyond belief. As Terry Quinney put it during his first trip there, “I’ve run out of adjectives… I’ve run out of adjectives.”

Today’s Blog post doesn’t offer any pictures of Day 23 progress on our new home. We don’t have any pictures because we had so much fun celebrating our wedding anniversary on a hot date at a great little deli and then with the kids and friends at the Little Lake Music Festival. The Prinston Homes crew is still full speed ahead on framing but we don’t need pictures to blog today. Instead, it’s against the backdrop of a few wedding pictures that I’m able to blog about a more pivotal chapter in the construction of our Home.

On this week six years ago, a for sale sign went on display on a piece of property that Cathy and I had always admired as we sped up the road to our cozy chalet. It was on the drive home from our Nipigon River wedding\honeymoon that we saw the for sale sign for the first time.

“I’m going to call about that land,” I told Cathy. A few months later, the title to 138 glorious acres was ours.

We worked our asses off to pull together the means to make this life-changing purchase. Had modern wedding plans prevailed for Cathy and I, all that money spent on suits and dresses, catering and decorations, community halls and open bars would have meant a big miss on a one-time chance to buy Pye Acres. That good fortune has everything to do with an incredible bride who said yes to the River. From our first date to our wedding day and beyond, her down to earth approach to planning and caring about others has brought our family to Day 23 of new home construction. She’s amazing. She’s my wife. She’s one of a kind. She’s my best friend. I love her dearly.

Happy Anniversary Sweetie.



Meet our official wedding planners, the greatest couple on earth.

Meet our official wedding planners, the greatest couple on earth.

3 comments on “A special anniversary

  1. Congratulations to you both, not only on celebrating this date but also on building a tremendous family! I love reading your blog and being reminded of the incredible people you are and am continually inspired. Enjoy!!!

  2. pyeacres says:

    Thanks for the kind words Eric. We appreciate your interest in our Blog.

  3. Tracy Charpentier says:

    what an amazing story! A wonderful journey you have there Rob, I couldent be happer for you and Cathy!

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