Moving Day!

So long to our Little Chalet in the Woods! Here’s to 10 years of life changing memories.

On Day 20, walls were being built on our new home as rooms were being emptied on our old. Despite the heavy lifting, “Moving Day” required more emotional strength than physical. I make no apologies for being sentimental. Those empty rooms are packed full of memories. The echo of a belonging-free home is totally unnatural for a place that knows the warm sounds of children’s laughter, the bark and pitter-patter of English Setters and the adult voices of pride & determination. While there are lots of memories to create 3 miles up the road on Pye Acres, our little Chalet in the woods will always be home to 10 years of our most profound life changing events. I can take you to the spot on the trail where, over 8 years ago, Cathy and I stopped cutting firewood to talk about the future.  I told her that after my truck gets paid off I could put that money toward an engagement ring or an ATV. She replied, “Rob, we’re not going to get this chord of wood back up to the house with a ring… buy the ATV.” With an answer like that, is it any wonder that a month later she had both. If I could have any 6 weeks of life back, it would be 6-weeks to relive with Molly and the 9 puppies (including Bert, rest his incredible soul) that she delivered in our bedroom. And, by far, the most important memories of our Little Chalet in the Woods are of the days we walked in the door with Charlie and Jack.

Walls being built on the new as rooms were being emptied on the old.


Prinston Homes Crew

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2 comments on “Moving Day!

  1. Jenn says:

    this is beautiful. i have tears. so excited for your new home!

  2. Very beautiful memories! And soon, another place to have all new ones in.

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