Construction – Day 19

Walk off into the sunset without leaving the house

Walk off into the sunset without leaving the house

Pretending I just stood up from the dining room table, I walked past Cathy’s island, across the great room, underneath my 11-pointer, up the hall and into the dusk-lit horizon. Sunsets have a powerful way of making life so precisely clear, including a floor plan only on paper but constantly on our minds. My journey toward the sun stopped in Charlie’s room. It would have been a hell of a drop had I kept on going. The sub-floor feels great under my feet, and even better over my head when I’m pretending there’s a basement poker game going with family and friends. Full House, Gentlemen!! Bring it on. Literally.


One comment on “Construction – Day 19

  1. Lynda & Dale Ouellette says:

    Your dream is coming along nicely, thanks for sharing with us.

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